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At ROMO, we believe in real action, sparking meaningful change and empowering the people who inspire us. Our focus is on creating a new conversation around sexual and reproductive health rights, diverse gender identities, and the significance of consent, to shift the industry paradigm and move beyond traditional stereotypes associated with this category.

ROMO condom

All ROMO Condoms are made in a world class manufacturing facility and are comprehensively 100% electronically tested and produced in accordance with International Standard ISO 4074:2002. Our condoms are dermatologically tested.

The ISO 4074: 2002 standard involves strict conformity to rigorous procedures demanded by manufacturers. Every product marketed in Europe has to satisfy the rigorous demands of ISO standards and to have been awarded the CE stamp of approval.

Specifications relating to the size of the condoms
Volume and bursting pressure
Strength and durability
Correct labelling and packaging.
This standard is a indicator of quality,  and all of our products at ROMO meet its demands.

ROMO lube

ROMO personal lubricants are designed to help with vaginal dryness while increasing pleasure and safety. Prolong you and your partner's pleasure with ROMO lube from warming to tingling and everything in between. Try ROMO lube add new sensations and adventures to your sex life.

Welcome be ROMO distributor at your country! Let's share the opportunity together! Let's offer the consumers more quality condom and lube at affordable price to make the world more healthy and safety.