ROMO extra safe condom

extra safe condom always use for gay group, or the man who want longer lasting in sex.


ROMO extra safe condoms are more thicker than regular one, such as normal condom at 0.065mm, they are 0.075mm in thickness, the more thickness can assured the safety in love making for gay group and anal sex. And this type condom also is non tip (reservior), which also can lower the risk of breakage, because the tip always load air in it, the air can make pressure in the moving to easily breakage during the penetration.

This condom also can prolong the sex, and postpone the male ejaculation time by the extra thickness of latex, and lower the sensitation in love, so we also can call it long love condoms.

Size & Measures: 

Width: 52 mm

Length: 180 mm

Thickness: 0.075mm+/-0.015mm

Packing: square foil, 3pcs/box and 10 pcs/box


Natural latex

Standard & Certificate

ISO 4074, ISO13485

Other Name

Gay condom, man’s condom, extra thick condoms

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