ROMO long love condoms contain a climax control cream that helps prolongs sexual excitement for extended lovemaking, up to two or three times longer than usual. Get more staying power, please your partner, and extend your sexual love play when you use ROMO long love condom.

Benzocaine is the active ingredient for long love, we also can use Lidocaine which also once required by some clients, they prefer to use the Lidocaine effect, which is effect and long lasting.

Size & Measures: 

Width: 52+/-2 mm

Length: 180 +/-5 mm

Thickness: 0.065mm+/-0.015mm

Packing: square foil, 3pcs/box and 10 pcs/box


100% Natural latex imported from Thailand

Standards & Certificates

ISO 4074, CE/ISO13485 By SGS

Other names

Delay condoms, long lasting condoms, retardant condom, desensitiving condom

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