ROMO 001 polyurethane condom are probably the most popular alternative to latex. Made out of a type of plastic of polyurethane, they conduct heat better than latex and are also thinner, which many men find to be more pleasurable.

As a revolutionary new condom made from polyurethane, a material that‘s thinner and more comfortable than traditional latex condoms. This product offers ultimate sensitivity, superior flexibility, and enhanced durability. Additionally, it‘s also one of the fastestwarming materials available, meaning your partner can enjoy natural heat and heightened sensation during use. With 001 Polyurethane Condom, you can enjoy comfort and pleasure combined like never before. The non latex condoms for sensitive skin or latex allergy consumers.

As a custom condom factory approved by ISO/CE, we also can custom produce the polyurethane 001 condom in your own brand package. This is a luxury level condom, we recommend has a try, it’s a new chance to make your own brand outstanding from market.

Size & Measures: 

Width: 54+/-2 mm

Length: 190 +/-5 mm

Thickness: 0.025mm+/-0.015mm

Packing: square foil, 3pcs/box and 10 pcs/box


Water based polyurethane

Standards & Certificates

ISO 23409; ISO13485

Others Name

001 or 002 or 003 condom, polyurethane condom, non latex condom, latex free condoms

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