ROMO’s Certificates

1: ISO 13485

Romo condoms belong to Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd, our company approved by SGS at July 6, 2022. Certificate CN22/00001542

ISO 13485 Certificate for shandong ming yuan latex


2: Free Sale Certificate at Germany

This certificate means our ROMO condom can exported to Germany freely without any restriction. Many Middle East countries authority always need this file in registration.

A Free Sale Certificate at Germany is a document issued by the German Federal Office for Risk Assessment (BfR) which states that a product is authorized for sale in the European Union, and thus also in Germany. This certificate helps ensure businesses adhere to strict safety regulations and provides peace of mind to consumers. Furthermore, a Free Sale Certificate is necessary for the export of products from Germany, as it testifies that the products meet all necessary requirements. In order to obtain this certificate, businesses must provide proof that the product has been tested for quality assurance and safety and that all necessary documents according to German law are provided.

Free sale certificate at Germany