ROMO finger condoms also known as a finger cot or finger glove, is a flexible tube-like cap that covers a finger, which offer a safe and sanitary way to engage in the form of sexual penetration known as fingering.

A finger condom is a thin piece of latex or other material that is designed to fit on one finger and provide protection during sexual contact. Finger condoms can help prevent the spread of STDs, as well as providing extra lubrication, increased sensation, and improved hygiene. As a private label manufacturer, We also can custom produce clients own brand finger condoms, welcome inquiry us for quotations.

Size & Measures: 

Width: 25 mm

Length: 80 mm

Thickness: 0.065mm+/-0.015mm

Packing: square foil, 3pcs/box and 10 pcs/box


Natural latex

Standards & Certificates


Other Names

finger cot, finger glove, fingering condom

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