Condom is ROMO brand’s mainly products, our strategy is premium quality at affordable price to consumers. So welcome contact us if we have similar idea of marketing. It’s really a good pleasure journey if work with similar idea team. Let’s work together to make the world more safety and healthy!

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ROMO 001 Polyurethane Condom

Description ROMO 001 polyurethane condom are probably the most popular alternative to latex. Made out of a type of plastic

ROMO 003 thin condom

Description ROMO 003 condoms are ultra thin, one of the thinnest latex condom in the world. Okamoto is the first

ROMO classic condom

ROMO Classic Natural Condoms are lubricated latex condoms easy to put on, that provide comfort and safety during use. It gives you the protection you've come to expect from ROMO in a smooth shape and pre-lubed with silicone lube.

ROMO contoured condom

Description ROMO contoured condom are ribbed, dotted, and contoured in one condom for extra sensation pleasure, so as to give your

ROMO Dotted Condom

Dotted Condom Description ROMO dotted condoms are designed with extra large dots for enhanced sensations. These dots are made of

ROMO extra safe condom

extra safe condom always use for gay group, or the man who want longer lasting in sex.

ROMO Female Condom

Description  The female condom , also called internal condom, which is a barrier contraceptive device that protects against pregnancy and

ROMO finger condom

fingering condom, a love protection for finger in love process

ROMO flared shape condom

ROMO flared condoms will give him a little extra room on the penis head. A great choice for those who feel that the average condom is suffocating. Also great for adding a little extra stimulation for your partner.

ROMO long love condom

Description ROMO long love condoms contain a climax control cream that helps prolongs sexual excitement for extended lovemaking, up to

ROMO night light condom

Description ROMO night light condoms are made using non-toxic phosphorous pigment layered between thin layers of latex, it can glow

ROMO Ribbed Condom

ROMO ribbed condom has upraised rings running horizontally around the condom shaft. These upraised rings are made of the same material as the condom.