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Does the cannabis condoms has marijuana?

Cannabis condoms, another name weed condoms. When we search the cannabis condoms, there are some brands are selling. You can find 2 brands on the net.

1-Connadom Premium Cannabis Flavour Condoms.

Cannadom condoms have the scent of marijuana, and are green in color like the plant itself.
They are THC free, so you cannot feel the effect. It means they don’t contain the marijuana actually.
Cannadom condoms meet the rigorous quality requirements of the international ISO certification and the CE seal of approval required for sale. It comes box with 100 cannabis flavored condoms. Condoms come in individual packages. It is green condom and comes with cannabis aroma, free from psychoactive substance. You can add taste to your life by using the cannadom premium cannabis flavour condoms.

cannabis condoms

2-BLOWDOM THE Cannabis Inspired Condom

We can find from their website that they said the idea for this contraceptive sheath was conceived in 1997 and their ‘World Famous’ product has achieved cult status amongst many groups of consumers on a global scale, their scientists created a scent and taste they felt was so close to the real thing that it could never be legal…

They have achieved certification in Europe under the CE scheme and ISO system as well as many more. Not only is this an effective barrier method to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also against many sexually transmitted diseases which are on the increase throughout the world.

It is said that there is no THC in just a flavor reminiscent of this plant. So there isn’t actual marijuana too. And it seems this product is no longer in stock.

cannabis condoms

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