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Exciting beaded condom for extra pleasure

bead condom

bead condom

A beaded condom is a type of contraceptive device that features a bead on the tip. These beads can provide extra pleasure and stimulation for both partners during sexual intercourse. The design of the condom allows for a unique and enhanced experience. It also helps to prevent any slippage or breakage, ensuring maximum protection during sexual activity. Whether for added excitement or practicality, a beaded condom is a great choice for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom. So you can choose it if you want more sexual pleasure and protection together.

Consumers already used to the normal types condom, which only can offer them the protection and lower the sensitation after wear it, that’s also why many consumers don’t want to use the condoms. So we make some innovation on the surface of condom, such as rubber thorns sticking on the condom, which in different shapes also can offer clients different feels. And condom with bead is another option for extra stimulation, As the bead is hard in inner side and soft at outside, so which really can stimulate female G spot easily and also not make any harm, it’s really a best combination for bead and condom.

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