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Top 10 condom manfuacturers in the world

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Condoms are an essential for preventing unwanted pregnancy and reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDs. The popularity of the condom use rate has increased over recent years, with an estimated 27 billion condoms used globally in 2020 alone. With the rise of the global population and the increasing demand for safe sex, Condom manufacturers  have continued to thrive. Which country produces the most condoms? Here is a list of the top 10 condom manfuacturers in the world, based on their quality, popularity, and sales figures on the market recent years, let’s see the list below.

1. Durex:

Durex is the world’s leading condom brand,and No.1 now on the adult market, founded in 1915. Their production plant located at Qingdao city Shandong Province, China and Thailand as the No.2 production base. They produce a wide range of condoms, including ultra-thin and textured varieties. Durex has a market presence in over 150 world countries, with a reputation for high-quality, reliable, and safe contraceptive products. According to their marketing and production, they rank top on the list.

2. Trojan:

Trojan branded condom factory supplier

Trojan condoms are the most well-known brand in the United States. And mainly sell on the USA market. They are famous for their innovative range of condoms, including the BareSkin and Magnum lines specialized in XXL size. Trojan condoms are premium quality and offer a range of benefits, such as superior lubrication and strength.

3. Okamoto:

Okamoto brand condoms from Japan

Okamoto is a Japanese-based condom manufacturer known for their unique ultra-thin condoms, such as 001 002 003. They offer a wide range of sizes to fit every man, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable. and their new innovation condoms of polyurethane market as 001 also enjoy a good market reputation. They mainly produce for own logo condom, not custom produce for others.

4. LifeStyles :

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LifeStyles Skyn is a leading condom brand that produces innovative products made from polyisoprene, a synthetic material that is an excellent alternative to latex. This brand belong to Ansell group from Australia, mainly produce in Thailand. 

5. Sagami:


Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934, the first condom manufacturer in Japan. Since then we have supplied condoms to over 80 countries. As a Japanese company specialising in the production of highquality condoms. The company has a long history of over 90 years, dating back to the year 1931 when it was founded. Sagami products are renowned for their superior comfort and quality. They are designed to provide maximum pleasure while also providing great protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. Sagami are dedicated to creating enjoyable sex lives everywhere their slogan beingThe absolute pleasure of love“.

6. Kimono: Kimono is a popular Japanese brand that prides itself on high-quality polyurethane condoms. Unlike latex condoms, Kimono’s polyurethane condoms have a thinner and softer feel, delivering a more natural experience.

7. Ansell: Ansell is an Australian company that produces leading condom brands such as LifeStyles, Jissbon, and Manix. These brands offer an extensive range of condoms, including textured, flavored, and scented varieties.

8. OEM Condom:

OEM condom manufacturer

OEM Condom company foucs on produce clients own brand condom, Their lower MOQ and soft feeling condom gained more and more worldwide brands tend to choose them as custom order supplier, and consumers also want to reuse their condoms after the first try, and OEM condom also invest in the lubricating jelly’s production, which help them gained many condom’s buyer choose them. As they focus on the custom order’s production, they has various types of condom shapes and packing options, these different types packing equipments help them can meet clients demand mostly.

9. CPR:

cpr sico made in germany condom factory

CPR GmbH manufactures adult products of mainly are condoms. The Company produces high quality raw condoms, as well as essentials for condom production machines and laboratory equipment. CPR serves customers worldwide.

10. Sir Richard’s: Sir Richard’s is a socially-responsible condom company based in the United States. For each condom purchased, they donate a condom to someone in need. Apart from their social commitment, Sir Richard’s also produces sustainable, vegan, and natural condoms.

In conclusion, these top 10 condom manufacturers are the leading manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of condom products to worldwide consumers. These brands and companies are popular and trusted, delivering high-quality and reliable protection during the sex. With the ongoing demand for safe sex, these companies are projected to continue dominating the market in the coming years.