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Which is the best feeling condom: warming or cooling condoms?

Warming condoms or cooling condoms are the popular condom types. They can make both parties feel ice or fire, and like to use it a second time. For the ones who have the first sex love, perhaps they are not familiar with or even don’t know this type of condom, but for the ones who have full experience in sex love, they may be more familiar. Let’s take a look at warming or cooling condoms, because most people like to try new things, and these two condoms are a kind of new thing. I believe everyone wants to know, for example, which one is better: warming condoms or cooling condoms? Which condom is comfortable and easy to use? How does the condom feel like? Do these condoms have side effects?

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Which is better: the warming condoms or cooling condoms?

There is no difference between these two types condoms. It is vary according to people’s preference. In summer, consumer tend to choose cooling, in winter they prefer the warming feel, the favorites always change.

Warming condoms give you a totally different feeling and experience. They do not burn the skin or surrounding area. It can gives a nice extra sensation that enables you to mix it up in the bedroom.There aren’t any clever tricks here, just a tried and tested method and it’s done through a special, warming effect lubricant. And there you have it.

Cooling condoms with special lubricant to give you and her enjoy a cooling sensation down under. You both can experience icy cool sensation in your genitals as you are involved in passionate penetrative sex.

-Do warming condoms and cooling condoms have side effect?

You have no need to worry on that score, there is no risk of any burning sensation either directly on the skin or on the wider genital area. It’s just a nice, extra sensation that means that you can experiment and mix it up in the bedroom. Who doesn’t want that from time to time? Warming condoms are made from natural, high quality rubber. The warming bit is all about the lube and has no effect on their safety. These condoms will keep you protected against STIs and unwanted pregnancy just like any other high quality condom.

Cooling condoms with a special lubricant, creating cool sensation. But cooling condoms have no side effect too.

However, if the user is allergic to the latex, the private parts may be allergic, but the probability of this phenomenon is not high. People who’re latex allergic can choose our non-latex condoms such as polyurethane condoms.

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