Custom Condom

XXS condoms

XXS condoms means ultra small size condom, their width at 49mm for tight feeling, this feel also can prolong the love, that’s why some consumers plan choose it as long love condoms. This XXS condom also has huge market at Indian or South Asia market, they tend to choose the XXS condom for their fit.

Using condoms that don’t fit correctly in you can lead to issues such as; the condom splitting/breaking, slipping off during the intercourse and therefore leading to increased rates of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. So it’s important to find your right size condom for your own protection.

As a customized condom plant, we also can make your own size if you still think 49mm width is still loose feel for your consumers, we can make 45mm or 42mm if you like, which need a certain MOQ, let’s discuss in details by email, we are pleasure to work out for you.