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3in1 condom (dotted, ribbed, contoured) custom manufacturer

3 in 1 condom

3in1 condom is manufactured with the texture dotted, ribbed and contoured shape in one. It is designed to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. The dots and ribs create additional texture and stimulation, while the contoured shape provides a closer and more comfortable fit. Closer tight fit will prolong the male’s ejaculation. These condoms can be customized in various brands and sizes, and they are typically made from latex materials, and all our latex imported from Thailand.

3in1 condom with width 53mm which is a little wider than regular width 52mm (we can supply 52mm too). It offers extra space and men feel more comfortable while wearing it. So does the length, it it longer than regular size. Commonly it is a condom with transparent color and non-flavor. But if client want to do own different flavored condoms, it can be made. If you have the big order quantities, the color condom also can be customized.

As a professional custom condom factory, we can provide you with different types of condoms. We can customize condom packages with the clients’ own brand and design. Free stock samples can be provided to check quality as long as client agree to bear the courier fee.

What are you waiting for? Why still hesitate? This is what you are just looking for. This is one condom which can help you earn more potential consumers.