Custom Condom

how to custom made condom in own brand?

If you are looking to create custom made condoms for commercial purposes, it is advisable to consult with a professional manufacturer rather than attempting to make them yourself. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Research and design: Determine the specific characteristics of the condom you want to create, such as size, texture, material, special features (flavored, colored, etc.), and packaging. we’d better make our own condom outstanding and different with others.
  2. Find a professional manufacturer: Look for reputable condom manufacturers that offer custom condom production services. Make sure they have necessary certifications, like ISO 13485, to ensure product quality and safety. And make the sure they are familiar with the custom print and authority’s registration process.
  3. Provide specifications: Contact the manufacturer and provide them with your design specifications, including size, shape, thickness, materials, and any unique features.
  4. Sampling and testing: Request samples of your custom condoms for testing. It is crucial to conduct extensive testing to ensure product quality and safety, including checking for potential latex allergies and ensuring they comply with international standards. We usually can provide clients stock samples free of charge.
  5. Packaging and branding: Determine how you want to  pack and brand your custom condoms. You may need to provide the manufacturer with your packaging design and branding materials.
  6. Manufacturing and production: Once all the specifications are finalized, the manufacturer will begin the production process.

As a custom condom maker, we hope to give you some professinalism suggestions on condom project, no matter the registration or the design, and our engineers also can custom make clients own shaped condoms. If you’re interest in customizing own branded condoms, welcome to contact us.

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