Glow in the dark condom

are glow in the dark condoms safe to use?

Are you looking to surprise your partner? or want have some fun? Glow in the dark condoms add a new dimension to your love life. Glow in the dark condom is fun when the lights are out and the room is dark. Your partner can find the most important part of the evening without any help from a torch or touch. Couples use these for some very sensual sex. If you haven’t tried one you may be surprised at how erotic the experience can be.

Glow in the dark condom is a type of novelty condom. They not only glow in the dark, but also adding a fun and visually stimulating element to intimate experiences.

Glow in the dark condom provide the same level of protection against sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.They able to glow because of a technological advance using a safe, non-toxic phosphorous pigment. The phosphorous pigment is in the center layer of the condoms while the inner and outer layer are regular latex. So they’re 100% safe for you and your partner and they’re easier to see in the dark.

glow in the dark condoms

Glow in the dark condoms make sex more fun. Expose to light for 30 seconds for up to half an hour of glow in the dark fun. They are made from natural rubber latex, intended and safe to use for intercourse. Nominal width: 52±2mm; Length 180±10mm. Non-spermicide lubricated parallel sided condom that will brighten your love life.

If you want an unforgettable night, glow the dark condoms add a little pinch of fantasy to your time between the sheets, while still offering safety and protection against pregnancy and STIs. Produce your own brand glow in the dark condoms, welcome to contact us.

glow in the dark condoms

Bring some fun and excitement to the bedroom after dark with these glow in the dark condoms. Except it, we also produce other types of novelty spike condoms. If you have interest in those novelty condoms, or if you has any new idea of it, which also is possible for our engineers, please feel free to contact us.

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