Ultra thin condom

Hot selling Ultra Thin Condoms for more natural feeling

Consumers already familiar with the regular thickness condom, they want to try more thinner feel now, that’s why we designed the ultra thin condoms. Hot selling Ultra Thin Condoms make people feel natural which are 20 percent thinner than standard latex condoms.  Such as normal thickness at 0.065mm, thin condom always at 0.04-0.05mm. If you’re concerned that traditional condoms may interfere with your enjoyment, the ultra thin condom may be the ideal solution. Ultra thin condom scientifically formulated latex material that delivers the ultimate sensitivity that is the closest thing to wearing nothing. The condoms come in a medium size which have been reported to fit very well.

Hotselling Ultra Thin Condoms

Hotselling Ultra Thin Condoms enhance feeling and sensitivity. It increase sensitivity between you and your partner. Ultra Thin condoms can offer enhanced sensations due to it’s thin design, while maintaining the security and protection you’d expect.

Ultra Thin condoms with Close Fit size (girth nominal width: 52 mm, length: 180 mm) transparent natural latex condoms shaped to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feel during sex. Pre-lubed with silicone lube.

Some people think ultra thin latex condom as a barrier option that doesn’t totally reduce sexy sensations. Does thinner material mean they’re more likely to break? Not necessarily. Most condoms failures are from the condom not being used soon enough, or if it rolls off while you’re still inside of someone. That has nothing to do with the type of condoms.

Ultra thin condoms are made thinner to offer and provide more sensitivity, but these are also more fragile and more probable to snapping in action. On the other hand, thicker condoms ensure safer sex, even when it gets rough. We can also custom your own brand ultra thin condoms, any requests welcome to contact us!