Buttercup condom

Buttercup Condoms With Stylish Package

Buttercup condoms come in a stylish individual package. It likes a bowl, easy to open. Condoms inside it with right-side-up, people can easily to put it on.

Condoms with stylish buttercup package is an exceptional promotional product. This product not only will capture the attention of your audience but will generate an exponential effect on the market. Buttercup condom with a cool packaging, if you’re running out of ideas in getting your partner into action, design a special content to inspire & seduce your partner to an exciting love life and to promote safe sex in a fascinating way.

buttercup condoms

Product: premium natural rubber latex condom

Specification: width 49±2mm, width 52±2mm, width 55±2mm

Length 170-190mm

Thickness: 0.03-0.07mm

Color: transparent or colored like red, pink, black, yellow, blue, etc.

Flavor: non-flavor or flavored with strawberry, banana, blueberry, chocolate, mint, vanilla, etc.

Quality: conform to international ISO and European standard. Each condoms inside the buttercup pass electronically test.

Buttercup condoms are made for premium brands and merchandising campaigns. They are the same high quality natural latex rubber condoms that you have come to know and love.

Now package in easy to open, no-tear buttercup containers for your added convenience.

Welcome create your own logo stylish condom by personalizing the top foil of the condom bowl or condom blister.

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