Ribbed conom

Custom Brand Ribbed Condoms

Custom Brand Ribbed condoms have ribs on the outer layer to increase stimulation for the woman. With the movement, the ribs help the woman reach orgasm at a quicker pace. If you want to leave a memorable moment, ribbed condoms are perfect for reaching orgasm.

Ribbed condom is one of the textured condoms. Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running round them which have been strategically placed to create added sexual sensation. Some of you say that you cant feel anything when you wear a standard condom, but when you use a ribbed one the extra texture can lead to greater friction and enjoyment. The ridges can add pleasure to both the penis and the vaginal wall giving extra sensation to both of you. The ribbed condoms have a stimulating texture especially designed to add a tingling excitement.

Ribbed condoms

Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensation

Special reservoir end for extra protection

Premium latex helps reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs

Each condom electronically tested to help ensure reliability

Ribbed Condoms  formerly known as Speed Bumps. These super sensitive condoms are sure to drive her wild with their solid block of ribs along the shaft. If you are searching for increased sensations, then this is the condom for you. Custom Brand Ribbed condoms made to stimulate both parties during the action due to increased friction and heat from the ribs, all while keeping you both safe and protected. These condoms feature a full 3.25″ of ribs that begin right underneath the head. Their width and length are about average in size. For added safety, Ribbed condoms also have a reservoir tip.

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