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How to choose the condoms correctly?

If you don’t want to have a baby or if you have more than one sexual partner, condoms are necessary during your love moment. Which condom material is durable? There are mainly 2 kinds of material for condoms:

Natural Latex Condom

Natural latex is close to the touch of the skin, has high elasticity and good flexibility, which reduces the possibility of the condom breaking during sex. In terms of disease prevention, many studies have proved that continuous use of natural latex condoms can reduce the risk of AIDS infection by 90% above. The intact latex membrane will play a role in isolating the infectious agents and sperm of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), and avoiding the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


Polyurethane Condom

The new material polyurethane, as a kind of artificial synthetic material, has the biggest feature of being very thin. Polyurethane condoms can reach 0.01 mm, and the good heat transfer makes people feel that “with a condom or without a condom” is the same~

However, compared with natural latex, polyurethane condoms are slightly less elastic and may break during use, so you need to be very careful. As for the disease prevention effect, the effect of the polyurethane sleeve is equal to or slightly worse than that of the traditional latex rubber condoms.

In general, if you are allergic to natural latex or pursue the ultimate experience, polyurethane condoms have certain advantages. At present, our natural latex condoms have also achieved a thinness of 0.03 mm, with a balance of safety and experience, and are more sought after by young people.

No matter what kind of material you choose, it is recommended to choose the condom factory who are professional and certified. These condoms have passed strict material safety, elasticity, aging and other tests, so you can use them with more confidence.

As a professional condom factory with 15 years experience, we can customize different condoms and packages with your own private label.

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