polyurethane condom

What Is a Polyurethane Condom & how to use ?

Polyurethane is a type of plastic that is strong and highly resistant to water, grease, and tears. Polyurethane Condom made from this material are one of several types approved by the FDA/EU EC standards. The others are latex condoms, natural lambskin condoms, and polyisoprene condoms (made from a different type of plastic). All condoms are classified as Class II medical devices by the FDA. To obtain approval, the condoms must pass certain tests, including an airburst test, a water leak test, and a tensile test and all the condoms has to be passed the electronic tested before they are sealed into foil wrapper. 001 Polyurethane Male Condom

Polyurethane has certain properties that make it ideal for external condoms. Polyurethane is stronger than latex. That’s why we have to make PU condom’s width larger than latex one.

  • Polyurethane is more durable in storage and less affected by prolonged heat exposure.3 Polyurethane is resistant to oil-based lubricants that can damage latex condoms.
  • Polyurethane has no odor, making it preferable to people who dislike the smell of latex or lambskin.4 Polyurethane condoms are thinner than latex and polyisoprene condoms which may enhance sensitivity.
  • Polyurethane is thinner and transmits heat better than other external condoms, which may increase sensitivity.
  • Polyurethane condoms are looser and more comfortable than other external condoms. which also means polyurethane material not so elastic as latex one.
  • Polyurethane condoms are arguably of greatest benefit to people with latex allergies. Given that 4% of the population has a latex allergy, so having a non-latex alternative is important.

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