Custom Condom

Customize Premium Brand Condoms perfect for promotion

Almost every condom distributor plan build own brand condoms, this is also a good solution for their long business running. As one of the professional high quality condoms factories, we produce different types of condoms. We can also provide several packaging ways ranging from standards to Special packaging as per customer’s request. We can Customize Premium Brand Condoms for clients based on affordable MOQ and price level.

Each condom individually lubricated and foiled in Aluminum laminate. Typical sealed shapes are rectangular and square. Dimensions for rectangular sealed condoms are 29mmX68mm and square sealed condoms are 55mmX55mm and 55x58mm. We can also pack condom into luxury package such as  Round foil wrapper and Buttercup(blister, Capsule).

The foil sealed condoms can come in different pcs per strips or as per customer request. Typical strip lengths are 1, 3 and 5 condoms per strip.

Customize Premium Brand Condoms

Each foiled condom strips can pack into wallets or for consumer purchasing.

Box package of condoms can pack into consumer use level.

Custom own brand label condom on all packaging can be delivered in 5-6 weeks. We offer highest international quality standards as per ISO4074:2015. All our condoms approved by CE and ISO 13485:2003. Each condom  100% electronically tested.

OEMcondoms manufacture a premium range of condoms with an unmatched spread of variants, flavours & fragrances best suited for your moods, traits and personality If the dissatisfaction of your partner had been influencing your life from all corners since sometimes then switch on to our condoms. We can supply you different types of condoms. Most condoms made from natural rubber latex. There are also condoms which made of soft plastics like polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile if you’re allergic to latex.

All male condoms supplied meets or exceeds requirements of national or international specifications (ISO 4074) which are rated to have a 5 year shelf life. If you would like to Customize make Premium Brand Condoms and build your own brand condoms, please feel free to contact us.