Spike Condom

Alien Thorn Spike Condoms for novelty use

Alien Thorn Spike condoms are made of natural latex, and the thorns also made from latex too.  We can supply you the Alien Thorn Spike Condoms in following types. It helps woman who is low libido and decreased clitoris sensitivity to reach climax. We produce different types of Spike Condoms and  produce the different shapes as per your requests. New idea of it is also welcomed. There are total 30 types of different rubber thorns on the list, some of them from clients random ideas, our engineers can test for you.


The main point is on the top and around sides of the condom, it has rubber thorn. The rubber thorn and beads  are soft and elastic which can help lady reach climax and without harmful.The color of the thorn can be red,yellow, green and other if you like. Different flavors are available as your requests.

Each spike condoms added with silicone based oil. just as normal condom use 400mg, we always add 1000mg in the spike condom’s foil wrapper or the container, which can make sure it’s super lubricated in use, then it can offer consumers super feeling and enjoy the sexual fun.

The Thorn Spike Condoms are a new , funny and cool condom. The rubber soft spikes around the condom could offer more pleasure to female partners which is safety sensitive condom.

Alien Thorn Spike Condoms

Consumers maybe doubt whether  Alien Thorn Spike Condoms are safe to use for the people who allergic to latex. Don’t worry about that. Spike condom’s burst pressure is at 2-2.3kpa. The ISO 4074:2002 and CE standard need 1kpa.

  • Woman release or discharge by giving her only in 2-4 strocks
  • Function: Flirting and contraception function ;
  • Material: Natural latex
  • Color: As shown in the pictures ; best seller are red and green
  • Length: 17-19cm / 6.69-7.48inch ; Diameter: 3.8cm
  • Packing of different amazing spikes and beads positions

Spike Condom is a new special alien product. The rubber soft spikes around the condom could offer more pleasure to female partners’ G spot more easily, which is safety sensitive condom for their sexual pleasure and protection.

With many year’s experience in producing Spike condoms, we can supply this special and funny condom which can bring you huge profits and make your brand gain more distributors. Such attractive products Alien Thorn Spike Condoms what are you hesitating for? If you have any requests, please send email: