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How to choose best fit size condoms to buy?

For safety as well as pleasure—-fit size condoms does matter. Which is the key to make sure the protection perfect.

In a study on condom usage, men wearing ill-fitting condoms were almost twice as likely to remove their protection before sex . Of course, that’s not a good thing since going truly bare boosts the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But keeping on a too-snug or too-loose condom and having it break or slip also raises these risks. When it comes to pleasure, men in the same study were almost twice as likely to say they lost an erection or found it difficult to climax with an ill-fitting condom on—and they were also almost twice as likely to report that it was hard for their lady friend to orgasm too.

fit size condoms

In order to satisfy most men from all over the world, we developed small size condoms, standard size condoms and large size condoms. They come from sizes of 49mm, 52m, 55mm. Below are 3 suggestions for the condom size:

  • Standard fit – 52±2mm width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth between 119mm and 130mm.
  • Snugger Fit- 49±2mm in width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth below 119mm.
  • Larger Fit- 55±2mm in width and 190±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth bigger than 130mm.
  • we also can make more large size if market need it.

Standard fit size condom accounts for more than 50% of men if the elasticity good. If you slide the roll over your erect penis and there is room to spare, then you fit into the smaller size. About 35% of men fall into this snugger condom. But if the standard size condom too tight for you, try larger size condom. About 15% of the men accounts for this larger condom.

To determine which of the 3 size categories you fit into, simply slide a toilet paper roll over your erect penis and gage the fit. Fit size condoms is important for having a safe and fun love.

fit size condoms

As a professional custom condom factory, we can also customize other condom size according to client’s requirements. If you want to custom own sized condoms, Let’s contact further. Email: s[email protected]  WhatsApp: 0086-191-5379-1397. Contact: Rita