New Condom

Gay condom For Men anal sexal Pleasure & Safety!

Anal sex need a stronger condom, regular thickness will easily break and make both of you in risk. Let us be honest; if you are the type that enjoys a wild sex ride, you are going to need gay condoms that can hold without breaking from the strain. Even if you like to take things slower,  there is no such thing as being too safe. The Extra Safe gay men condom is slightly thicker than the average condom, giving you that extra level of protection that you deserve. To offset the thickness, they are also slightly lubricated,  so you can enjoy yourself without dryness and discomfort. They also come with a special, tapering, easy-on design that makes the condom much easier to wear, so your days of fumbling awkwardly with a condom are behind you.

Making them the right choice for men who are allergic to alcohol. These Extra condoms usually come in a box of 144pcs or 100pcs per box, so you can be sure that you have all the condoms you need at any given time. Say goodbye to missed opportunities because of the lack of protection. Now you will be good to go whenever and wherever if bring the condom in pocket.

Gay group always need the extra thick types condoms, As a custom condom factory, we can custom produce clients own thickness condoms in own style or colors. Such as normal thickness only 0.05-0.06mm, we can produce 0.07-0.08mm thickness for the this group consumers, and it also can prolong the ejaculation time to make love longer. So most brand choose this type in their product line. Welcome inquiry us by email: [email protected] or [email protected]