New Condom

ultra thick condom make a difference pleasure feel for consumers

ROMO Extra Strength thick condom is one of the thickest condoms available which ensures maximum protection. These condoms are ideal for going the extra mile. So it’s the ideal and best choice if you want longer lasting during the sex. They feature average length and width, regular lubricant, and reservoir tip. Available in Condom packs of 3, 12 and 100, if you want own volume package, we also can custom print for you, it’s possible.


A 2016 study shows that thick condom may help delay ejaculation. Long-lasting condoms delay ejaculation, prolong intercourse, and lengthen stimulation by providing desensitization. They do this in a few different ways. For example, while most brands market their condoms for the thin barrier and maximum-feel experience, a thicker barrier may reduce stimulation and delay ejaculation. Many condoms for PE and lasting longer are thicker than standard condoms and can help prevent overstimulation. It’s better than some condoms contain an anesthetic ingredient, such as benzocaine or lidocaine, which always has some side effects, such as numbing or make consumers reply on it.

Some guys want a little more protection or a little less sensitivity, with our selection of thick condoms, you can achieve both aims. Even though it seems like the condom makers are constantly competing against each other to make the thinnest condoms this isn’t always what men want. If you are looking for a condom for climax control, extra strength condoms have been shown to help men last longer. Some men find that using an erection ring can also be beneficial delay during intercourse.

As a private label condom factory, our company once help clients produced more than 10 types different shape regular condom and 30 types spike condom, which all are brand new in the condom industry. we also can custom produce as clients own requirements, such as more thicker or less. our engineers team pleasure work for you. welcome contact us by email: [email protected]