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non latex condoms

Non latex condoms are constructed from alternative materials to latex, such as polyurethane, polyisoprene, or nitrile.

  1. Skyn by Lifestyles

Material: Polyisoprene

Highlights: Offers a ‘barely there’ feeling, enhancing sensitivity and comfort. Skyn has become synonymous with quality non-latex condoms, receiving high praise for their range that caters to various preferences, including extra lubricated and textured options.

  1. Durex Avanti Bare

Material: Polyurethane

Highlights: Known for its strength and heat transmission, the Durex Avanti Bare series provides a safe and sensual experience. This line is particularly noted for accommodating larger sizes comfortably.

  1. Trojan Supra

Material: Microsheer Polyurethane

Highlights: Trojan Supra stands out for its premium material that combines thinness with strength. These condoms are compatible with both water-based and oil-based lubricants, offering versatility.

  1. FC2 Female Condom

Material: Nitrile

Highlights: FC2 is the pioneering brand for female condoms made from nitrile, a soft and flexible material that provides an alternative to traditional male condoms. This product empowers women to take control of their sexual health, and offering protection against STDs and pregnancy. Compared with nitrile female condoms, we can produce the Polyurethane Female Condoms.

  1. Unique Pull

Material: Synthetic Resin

Highlights: Unique boasts an innovative application system and a material that feels extremely natural. Additionally, their packaging is remarkably discreet, resembling a credit card for personal privacy.

  1. Romo 001

Material: Polyurethane

Highlights: Known for its strength and heat transmission, the Romo 001 condoms provides a safe and sensual experience.

001 polyurethane condom offers a thinner and more natural feel compared to latex condoms. These condoms are also less likely to cause allergic reactions, making them suitable for individuals with latex sensitivities.

The emergence of non-latex condoms marks a significant advancement in sexual health products, providing options that cater to a broader range of needs and preferences.

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