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Do personal lubricants have bactericidal properties?

personal lubricants with bactericidal properties

Personal lubricants are a liquid or gel used during sexual acts to make the vulva, vagina, or anal area wetter. It helps to reduce friction during intercourse or masturbation.

Whether a lubricant has a bactericidal function depends on whether the lubricant has bactericidal ingredients. In fact, most lubricants do not have such a function. Lubricants with high production standards, produced under the GMP production system, are obviously different from ordinary manufacturers. Strict testing is carried out before, during and after production to ensure that the finished products have no problems and are not afraid of Quality supervision and random inspection of e-commerce platforms. However, no matter how strict the requirements are, the product will not be able to add functions out of thin air. This is just like the fact that no matter how high-quality drinking water is, it will not turn into cola. Therefore, if the bottle label of a human lubricant on the market does not emphasize its bactericidal function, it is basically an ordinary lubricant without a bactericidal function.

So how do you buy lubricants with bactericidal functions? Although there are few such products, you can still find them. As a manufacturer with 13 years of experience in the research, development and production of personal lubricants, we can customize according to client’s requirements. Sterilization function lubricant, Flavored lubricant , Ice or heat sensation lubricant all can be customized. Welcome tell us your need, our engineers will help you make them out.

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