Custom Condom

Rose Flavored Condoms For Your Lover

Rose flavored condoms provide safe sex and the extra fun on your Valentine’s Day. Each one condom is lubricated with good smell rose flavor, made of premium quality natural latex, 100% electronically tested for safety.

Rose Flavored Condoms

Rose flavored condoms can come with different types of condoms such as classic plain, dotted, ribbed, dotted&ribbed, ultra thin, extra large or long love. Classic condoms with smooth surface for safer sex. It can be color natural or colored with pink, red, yellow, blue, black, etc.  Dotted or Ribbed condoms with textured surface for extra stimulation and greater pleasure, both partners can have maximum fun. Ultra thin condoms with super thin thickness for greater sensitivity. It just like wearing nothing but can protects you from sexual transmitted diseases.  Long love condoms with delay ingredient for long lasting pleasure and large size condoms with longer length and width for extra comfort and fit.

Rose Flavored Condoms

You could make condom with your own logo package. Our company can help you to fulfill it from condoms to package. Would you want to give your lover some special love? Would you want to give her/him the best love? Rose flavored condoms will be one of your best choice to launch. We can also customize different flavored condoms. Welcome produce condom from a qualified condom factory.

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