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What’s a delay condom used for?

Many consumers maybe not familiar with this type condom, or they are first time meet it. What’s A delay condom? which group does this special condom used for? Frankly most guys need it. Delay condom contains desensitizer cream (Active ingredients are Benzocaine) to increase man staying power to make the sex love moment lasting longer, and giving her more sexual pleasure.

Benzocaine is the main material, another option is the lidocaine, the condom is to reduce the amount of stimulation hitting that nerve. By reducing the amount of stimulation, a man will be able to reduce the speed in which they finish. The wonderful thing is: a woman will not even know that you are using a Benzocaine Condom or not. They will just feel that you are using a standard condom, and will make you more confident in love.

delay condom

Advantage/Positive sides:

Many men find that wearing the Benzocaine Condom helps to boost their stamina in bed and improves their confidence. This may mean that men are able to last longer compare to they are not actually wearing the condom.

Disadvantage/Side Effects:

The benzocaine will make man’s glans feel numbing, and it will reply on it if use constantly.

Not like adding delay oil in the lubricant, we add delay cream inside the condom on top. This can desensitize men’s feeling and make men last longer. It is the real delay condom just same as Durex.

  • Specification: 52mm, 55mm
  • Shape: straight parallel with smooth or textured
  • Packing: according to clients requirement

As a professional custom condom manufacturer, we suggest use it once a month is workable, never use it always. Welcome contact us to produce the delay condom in your own brand, MOQ only 10000 pcs.

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