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Small Size Condoms

small size condoms

When your condom slip off during intercourse, small size condoms are recommended to be used to enhance sensitivity and comfort.

Many condom brands have small condoms. They come with different names and different sizes. Small condoms are usually come with a nominal width below 50mm. Most small condoms have a nominal width of either 47mm or 49mm.

MY.SIZE Slim with 47mm width

Lifestyles Snugger with 49mm width

EXS snug closer fitting with 49mm width

Romo Snug Fit with 49mm width

MyONE custom fit with 45mm width

We manufacture small size condoms with client’s private logo or brand. Our small condom size is 49mm in width and 170mm in length. We also can open the new size condom mold according to client’s requirements. If you have the big order requirements, welcome contact us. Your brand condoms deserves a qualified condom factory.

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