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Small or Snugger Tight Fit XXS Condoms

Different clients has their own size, no one size can fit all consumers. So we offered 3 size for clients choice. Now there are different kinds and types of condoms available in the market. One of your choice there is the smaller or snugger fit condoms. Which not only designed for the young guys, it’s also has market at India. Small  condoms also called snugger condoms which give customer better feeling. The small condoms are mostly recommended to men whose penis girth is about 100mm to 110mm and a penis length of 170mm to 180 mm. If you measurements extra that, then these condoms are not for you – unless of course – you will require a small or snugger fitting condom over something you regard as too loose to use.

Small or snugger fit condom is the condom measurements less than those belonging to the standard sizes. If standard condom sizes run from 180mm to 190mm in length, the small or snugger fit type only measures 170mm to180mm.

Its width, on the other hand, is usually less than 50mm.In short, there are only three condom sizes available in the market – small, standard, and large.

Lubricated for a natural feeling

Reservoir tip for added comfort and safety

Smaller sized for better fit

Snugger Fit Condoms

Small fitted condom is growing and be more and more popular niche in the condom industry. Small condoms you can buy at the store. Our factory can customize produce your own small size condoms. If you not sure which of our small condoms sizes to buy, we suggest trying the small condom sampler pack. The small condom sample have different sized condoms. So you can choose the best suitable size condom for yourself. Or we can produce your own sized condoms.

As a professional custom condom suppliers, welcome to inquiry the small size or snugger fit condoms. We not only supply the small condoms, but also we can custom your own special size with your own brand/private labels. Any requests on condom products, please contact us by email.



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