Custom Condom

snugger fit condoms size

Snugger fit condoms have a narrower grip and shorter length than standard condoms (which specification at 52x180mm). It prevents the condom from slipping off during the actual use. They are ultra-sensitive and designed to offer the added stimulation and feeling you crave. They have a tighter and snugger fit for maximum safety and sensitivity. With a reservoir tip, a high-quality lubricant and is ideal for use by the thinner men and those who want the snug fit feelings.

snugger fit condoms

  • Features of snug fit condoms:
  • -designed to hug better so it feels better
  • -ultra sensitive condom add stimulation and feeling
  • -lubricated for a natural and soft feeling
  • -reservoir tip for added comfort and safety
  • -premium natural latex imported from Thailand
  • -high-quality lubrication, normal use 400mg, and we use 600mg lube.

Snug fit condom also named slim condom, small condom. They have a narrower width and shorter length.

When it come to condom fit, width is more important than length. You want a condom that is narrow enough to not slide off during sex, snugger fit condoms will be your best choice.

As a professional custom condom factory, we can customize different condom sizes and different condom packages.

Condoms that are too small may break in use, and condoms that are too big can slip off the penis. Poor-fitting condoms can also feel uncomfortable during the sex process. So we’d better choose the best fit size condoms.

Welcome inquiry us to custom produce your own brand snug fit condoms from a qualified and trusted condom factory, and we are your choice and trustable supplier in custom production. MOQ only 10000 pcs to start.