XXL Condom

large size condoms manufacturer

Large size condoms are designed for individuals who require a larger fit than regular condoms. These condoms have a wider and longer shape to ensure a comfortable and secure fit during sexual intercourse. Which is widely used in African market, they always demand XXL size products. which not only means cloths and pants, but also condoms.

It’s important to note that choosing the correct condom size is crucial for ensuring protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies. Using a condom that is too tight or too loose can lead to condom breakage, slippage, or discomfort during sex. If you are unsure about your condom size, you may want to consider trying different condom sizes to find the right fit or consult with a healthcare professional for guidance. It’s essential to choose the correct size of condoms to prevent breakage, slippage, or discomfort during sex. If you have any concerns or questions about condoms, welcome to contact us directly.

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Specification of large size condoms:


Length: >200mm


Color: natural

Flavor: non-flavored or flavored

Our company produce different sizes of condoms such as large, regular and small condoms. We also produce condoms with special features, such as ribbing or studs, to enhance sexual stimulation for both partners.

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