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Spermicidal water based lubricant with Nonoxynol-9 in tube

What is a spermicidal water based lubricant?

Spermicidal water based lubricant with active ingredient Nonoxynol-9 is designed to provide added protection against unwanted pregnancy. It can be used with condoms. Usually it is formulated with 1% N-9 for contraceptive.

Spermicidal lubricant are produced with high-quality standard. Beside the contraceptive benefits, it also supplement natural genital moisture, relieve discomfort from dryness and enhance intimate experience.

Features of the Spermicidal water based lubricant?

BrandOEM Brand
Product TypeLube
Base IngredientWater-Based
FeaturesNatural Feel
Used forSex & Relax
Active ingredientNonoxynon-9

Spermicidal lubricant can be part of your loving making. As a professional custom lube factory, we can produce spermicidal water based lubricants with client’s own logo, we can also produce other types of lubricant such as flavored lube, delay lube, natural lube, warming lube, cooling lube, etc.

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