Personal Lubricant

natural moisture lubricants for long lasting pleasure

natural moisture lubricants

Natural moisture lubricants are designed to provide lubrication and hydration during intimate activities and can be used by individuals who experience dryness.

The advantage of the natural lubricants as below:

Water Based: specially designed for intimate areas, non-sticky, non-staining, gentle and PH-friendly. Easy to use and clean.

More Pleasure: make sex naturally smooth and long lasting and enhance pleasure.

Natural: free of parabens and glycerin. Long-lasting hydration, and can help enhance your sexual experiences, increasing smoothness and comfort.

Application: for penile and/or vaginal sex, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation for men, women and couples

High quality ingredient: no atificial fragrances, colourants

Condom & sex toys safe to use together: compatible with latex condoms and polyisoprene condoms and sex toys, they can use together.

As a high quality personal lubricants from FDA/CE/GMP approved factory. Each batch lubricants are with high standard and undergoes strict quality assurance testing. Welcome worldwide clients inquiry us to custom make your own label natural moisture lubricants.