Spike Condom

Spike condom belong to Medical device or novelty?

Novelty Spike condoms made from natural latex, which helps women consumer reach orgasm easily;  It’s not just only a condom; All spike condoms we manufacture are made from natural latex and are 100% electronically tested before distribute into the market. The key is the rubber spines around the condom. Since the spines are made of natural latex, which is soft and elastic, these spines stimulate female G spot easily, so it can help women achieve orgasm without harming the female’s body.

Different country always has different rules of  this new type condoms, such as in European, North Europe countries take Spiky Condom belongs to sex toy, they can sell as novelty products or sex toys, but in West European, they still think it’s medical device as regular condom, such as France and Germany. Turkey also think spike condoms belong to IIB medical device, and request to register at MOH before sell into market, Thailand also has more strict rule of this product than regular condom, the customs officer tell us Thailand is a Buddhism country, they don’t allow this type alien sex related product export to their country.

In USA Market, consumers seems not so like the spiky condoms as Europe consumers, they think it seems weird and alien to them, or maybe some harmful, so you can see there isn’t condom brands choose the spiky condoms in America, this results really different with our imagination, because we firstly think USA will be the No.1 spiky condoms market in the world due to their open society. The reality is no.

Spike condoms are popular in Asian market, esp the China and Japan market. Asian government always take it as sex toy. Most women already used to the normal types condom, such as plain or dotted texture condom.  they not only want the protection, they also want more sexual pleasure from the condom product, that’s why we designed the spike condoms, there are total 30 types spike condoms we already produced for worldwide market now.

As a professional condom maker approved by ISO/CE certificate, we can custom produce clients own shape spike condoms, so welcome send us your new idea of spike condom, such as the current hammerhead alien condom, which also from one Holland clients’ idea they just want a more big head spike condom use for adult magazine’s promotion, now they became our spike condoms selling star, they are No.1 choice in our product range. Welcome email us: [email protected]