Dotted Condom

Super or Extra Dotted Condoms Manufacturers

As a super dotted condoms manufacturers with OEM/ODM service, we offer you super dotted condoms for greater sensitivity greater intimacy and greater chance to avoid unwanted Pregnancy. Dotted condoms are reliable. It helps highlight sensitivity and give you while not compromising in making of the Product. An amazingly lubricated condom, Dotted Condom eases friction and avoids stickiness for finest comfort. And we have 2 versions of dotted, regular shape and super dotted, which can offer consumers different feels.

Super Dotted Condoms Manufacturers

This new generation of dotted condoms is made of latex, a technologically advanced non-latex material, with proven efficacy in stimulation. It is  soft and comfortable that you will hardly notice that you have worn it, allowing you and your partner to feel everything. This will give both partners a very strong arousing sensation.

Super Dotted condoms has studded surface and raised bumps increase the stimulation for more pleasure during sexual intercourse.  To avoid using them if you have broken skin or very sensitive skin as it can lead to a rash.

  • Product Name: Super Dotted condoms
  • Raw material: natural latex
  • Length: 170-180mm
  • Width: 52±2mm
  • Thickness: 0.06mm-0.08mm
  • Lubricant: 350-800mg/square foil pack, 250-400mg/rectangular foil pack.
  • Color: natural or required by clients
  • Fragrance: Rose /Chocolate/ Banana / Strawberry / Lemon etc
  • Packing: Rectangular /Square aluminum foil, Bubble
  • 100% electronically tested to make sure the high standard quality

The Dotted condoms allow greater stimulation and adds enjoyment for both the partners. Big dots condoms are of high quality, meeting the international quality standards ISO4074:2002.

Try Dotted condoms with dotted surface! A plurality of protruding dots will provide additional stimulation and increase arousal. Super Dotted condoms give pleasure and intense stimulation that can make great sex, even greater. The dotted condoms designed to intensify the sexual experience for both. If you would like to OEM your own brand Super dotted condoms manufacturers, please contact us condom suppliers and producer.



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