Dotted Condom

Dotted Condoms Side Effects or Disadvantages

The raised dots on the outside of a dotted condoms aim to increase sexual pleasure. This is because they can create friction between the penis and vagina, and help the female consumers get more sensation and easily reach orgasm.  That’s why most consumers like to choose the dotted condoms.

As for the side effects, we don’t recommend use it in anal sex. The anus isn’t self-lubricating, so this rug-burn-esque side effect may be especially common during penetrative anal sex with textured and dotted condoms. Normal vagina sex is no problem. Only a small certain group of consumers maybe their vagina too tight, so they don’t want the textured condom, only the smoothy surface condom is fine for them. That’s the main side effects of dotted condom.

A textured condom can stimulate the nerves that are present in the vagina better than a nontextured condom does, which may enhance sexual pleasure, the dotting can feel good if the wearer rubs their penis or dildo along the vagina owner’s clit between bouts of thrusting. what a sexual Fun! So most consumers still prefer to choose it.

As a custom condom maker, we are pleasure to make the dotted condom in clients own brand, we have 2 versions, regular dotted and extra large dotted condoms, welcome inquiry us to make your own label! our email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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