Personal Lubricant

Top Personal Lubricant Companies Brands in the World

As one of the main Top Personal Lubricant Companies manufacturer in the world, we already help more than 100 worldwide clients register at their own authority, make lube under their own brands, so we have enough fully experience in the lube’s production and registration.

Personal Lubricant gel to help enhance the ease and comfort of intimate activity. This personal lubricant is water-based and soluble for use on the genital area, and you may use it more or less as often as needed. For maximum lubrication in love, both partners should apply a small amount for a smoothly sensual experience. This will helpful for your health, or the dryness will break your gential area, it’s a hurt for both parties.

Not only water based, we also can make silicon based and delay spray under clients own brands, clients own formula also is possible, our engineers can try your formula in the LAB at first to try its stablity before the bulk production. some clients want to try the new types lube, such as cooling or warming, or tingling feel, anything is possible to try. Some clients once ask produce a lube for female, make sure it can arouse them easily.

welcome inquiry us if you interest in the personal lube’s project, our email: [email protected]