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best extended pleasure condoms

What’s the best extended pleasure condoms? there are 2 types of this function:

1: Delay condom for extra time’s extend pleasure.

Normally the delay gel in condom is the benzocaine, so we also name it benzocaine condom, which can prolong the ejaculation for men, normally can delay about at least 10 minutes, that’s why most men consumers prefer to choose it, but which also has side effects, always use it can make clients reply on it, it’s hard to erect next time, that’s why we not recommend it.

2: Spike condom for extra extend pleasure.

Spike condom has different shapes of rubber thorns, these thorns can easily touch female’s G spot, and help them reach orgasm more easily, that’s why we call it extend pleasure for consumers.

Welcome contact us if you has others new idea which can extend more sexual pleasure for consumers, we are pleasure to custom work for you, such as the hammerhead spike condom also from one Holland clients’ random idea, finally we made it. Welcome inquiry us to make your own logo extended pleasure condoms, our email: [email protected]