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Weird Condoms Shapes and Sizes

There are total more than 10 types of different condom shapes in the market. Classic smooth surface, dotted condom, ribbed condom, contoured condom, spiral condom, flared condom, or extra headroom condoms. These shapes still are the regular shapes, Now we introduce some weird condoms shapes for you. That’s the spiky condoms.

Spiky condom also called alien condoms, which has different shapes of rubber spikes surround on the condom’s shaft, the most weird one is the hammerhead spiked condoms, which like a spike cap on the condom’s tip area, it can give consumer’s the max stimulation, so it also named max condom. Or if you has any new ideas of the shapes, you can inform our team, let our engineers study the project possibility at first, because we need consider your idea to make sure it suit our dipping line.

As for the size, we have 49x170mm, 52x180mm and 55x190mm, other size need custom production, such as there are also demand of XXXL large size of 60×200 or 65x200mm, even the mini size of 45x160mm also has their own market, which need buy the sized dipping molds and need the basic quantity. welcome contact our team directly of the details, we are pleasure to work out a brand new shape or size condom for you.

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