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Weird or monster condoms shapes

There are total more than 20 types condom in the market with different shapes or colors, some in regular shapes, some in weird condoms shapes that beyond client’s imagination, each condom has their own designed function for different aims. The condom Shapes from Straight-Wall to Super Bulbous or different shapes. But condom’s main function still is the protection, new condoms always can give more fun to sex.

The most successful weird condom is the spike condom, which has more than 30 different shapes of spikes, which also made from natural latex, so it’s soft and also can stimulate female G spot easily. The only different is that spike condom has 2 parts, regular shape condom and alien shapes of rubber thorns, from simple shapes to complicated shapes, it can offer consumers different level of sexual pleasure.

There are also many unusual condoms in the market, such as printed condoms, ruler condoms, or animal shaped condoms, each condom brand always has their own method to offer clients full line of different shapes and weird condoms shapes. Condoms also come in slim, snug, or tight fit, straight fit, flared fit, and roomier fits. Knowing your condom measurements is only a part of the equation for determining whether a condom fits properly. Your preferences also play an important role for what it means for a condom to fit and feel great.

As a custom condom maker, we can make the weird or monster condom in clients own size and shape, welcome inquiry us by email: [email protected] [email protected]

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