Finger Condoms

What is a finger condom used for & How to use finger condoms??

Finger condoms, also known as finger cots, are made of soft, bendable materials of natural latex.  They are designed to slide over the tip of the finger and cover the finger from tip to base.  It will stay in place better than a bandage. You should also wear a finger cot for protection when you are using fingers during the sexual activity. Partners should as well wear it.

How to use the finger condoms?

  • Disposable finger cots, same as traditional male condoms. They are made of latex and rolled up. Putting them on involves a similar process as well.
  • First, you slide the cot onto the tip of your finger and then roll it out over the length of your finger. Next, smooth out any bubbles and ensure that the cot lies flat on your finger.
After using the disposable finger condom, it can’t use twice, you should wash your hands by water. And properly dispose of the condom in a trash can. Disposable finger condoms can’t be used more than once.This is key to make sure it’s clean and 100% safe for health.A finger cot can be an effective form of barrier protection against STIs, much in the same way as an external (male) condom, internal female condom, or dental dam. They also can used for other purposes.

This is when you use one or more fingers to stimulate a partner’s vagina or anus. This includes massaging a partner’s prostate gland, which can be sexually stimulating.  A immediately disposed of once you have finished fingering your partner. By disposing of the cot immediately, you reduce the risk of passing the infection from the genitals or anus to other parts of the body.

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