polyurethane condom

Ultra thin 001 condom is our thinnest condom ever

The strength and elasticity of latex material maintain this physical barrier protecting both parties in their sexual experience. Many people find thin condoms provide more sensation and pleasure. From either angle, ultra thin 001 condom get the job done! Regular latex condom thickness at 0.06-0.08mm, latex’s thinnest once reach 0.03-0.04mm, which almost half thickness of regular one, now the 001 condom reach the thinnest in all the types, which made from polyurethane material.

Many people find ultra-thin condoms have less reduction in sensation and pleasure. They aren’t any more likely to break than other condoms so there’s no increased risk. This all makes ultra-thin condoms very popular but they also tend to be more expensive.  According to our marketing statistic, Asian market more prefer to choose the thin 001 condoms. 001 isn’t the really thickness, which only stand for the thin types condom. Only the polyurethane condom can reach the real 0.01mm, but which also means too higher cost, difficult for consumers to afford it.

Ultra thin 001 condoms aren’t more likely to break than latex regular condoms — like all condoms you can find in a drug store or health center, they had been rigorously tested for quality, and wouldn’t be on the market if they were more likely to break (that would make them defective) , and each condom has to be 100% electronic tested before loading into the condom foil sealing machine.

Because of this condoms can affect how close you are able to feel with your partner. If the ones you use are too thick to allow for good heat transfer, it can feel like you are having sex with a rubber tube (because, well, you sort of are). And if you don’t use enough lube, they can cause painful friction for everyone involved. For some people, this can lead to issues like delayed ejaculation, unreliable boners or downstairs irritation. So that’s why more and more consumers prefer to choose the thin condoms.

As a professional custom condoms manufacturer approved by ISO/CE/WHO, We are pleasure to custom produce clients own brand of ultra thin 001 condoms,  MOQ only 10000 pcs now, so easy to start, why not has a try? Welcome inquiry us by email: [email protected]