polyurethane condom

are non latex condoms safe?

The best sell non latex condoms are the polyurethane condom and polyisoprene condom, but polyisoprene condom don’t have widely used in the market, polyurethane material take up more than 98% in the total sales record. The sales not only shows the popularity, which also shows the safety and consumers’ favorite.

As for the safety, it’s no need to worry, because every condom need tested by the electronic testing line, the failed one will rejected, so all the condoms passed and rolled when confirm it’s no hole on it, and our QA will test the 1024 pcs condom from 4000 gross of the burst pressure, which also can prove the safety for consumers.

As a custom condom factory, we only can produce your own brand latex condom, we also can make your own logo non latex condom (polyurethane) at smaller affordable MOQ, so easy to start now. welcome email us: [email protected]

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