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002 polyurethane condoms, thinnest condom in the world?

It’s reasonable demand that consumer want protection and sensation at same time, so only the thin condom can up to this, ok the next question is which condom is the thinnest in the world? 001? many brands announced their 001 series, but that’s only a name of type or series, not real thickness. Some brands maybe near 0.01mm, but their product face the higher rate of failure in use, which bring higher risk for consumers. So the 002 maybe more feasible, not only price affordable for consumers but also quality in control. 002 polyurethane condoms are made from ultra smooth water-based polyurethane to increase sensitivity for ultimate satisfaction. It is one type of the ultra thin condoms.

002 polyurethane condoms

With traditional fit and standard size, Polyurethane 002 condoms are perfect for people with sensitive skin and latex allergies.The 002 lubricated condoms ensure long-lasting intercourse and offer additional moisture for maximum safety. Our non latex polyurethane condoms are CE and ISO approved contraceptive that offers women the ability to control unintended pregnancy and prevent the spread of STD’s. All our condoms are 100% electronically tested which are durable and safety. The female polyurethane condoms are also unique in the sense that it can be inserted up to 8 hours before the intercourse, this can be weared by women themselves. This is a huge advantage when it come to staying safer during the sex.

If you want to produce your own brand 002 polyurethane condom or non latex condom, welcome contact us for details, our sales and engineering team already succesfully help more than 20 worldwide famous condom brands make their own polyurethane thin condoms, all of them choose the 002 version, and our experience in ministry of health registration also will help you and save your funds and time, lower MOQ and competitive price make more clients choose us in their Polyurethane condom’s supplyment. Welcome email us to get more exact quotations:

or if you has any new ideas of the materials or formula, we are also pleasure to custom work and try for you.


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