Long Love Condom

Best Climax Delay Condoms reduce premature ejaculation

Consumers has experience of condom use, it can delay the ejaculation after wear it. In order to prolong the time, we put some active ingredients into the condom’s tip, which will make the consumer delay the time more longer. Climax Delay Condoms also called long love condoms, performax condoms which help prolong sexual performance. It contains body heat activated climax control lubricant on the inside and silky smooth lubricant on the outside. Our Delay Condoms specially made to have a pleasant scent. Each condom 100% electronically tested for reliability.

Best Climax Delay Condoms

Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculation problem. The Climax Delay Condoms are the best choice. It is important to understand how ejaculation time should to measure. It should be measured from the time the vaginal penetration happens and not from the moment you start making love. After starting on the vaginal penetration, the average and healthy time for ejaculation is 2-7 minutes. But it varies vastly from person to person. The case of premature ejaculation can be sensed when the ejaculation happens between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. But, there are various other factors which contribute to it including cultures, climate and mood. If you want to prolong your sex time, please use delay condom.

Product Category : Delay Condoms

Product Size: Length: 180mm+/-5mm, Width: 52+/-2mm

Lubricated : Yes

Reservoir end: Yes

No. Of Condoms in a box: 3, 10pcs and 144pcs in bulk pack

These condoms contain a special lubricants in the end of the condom that helps to delay climax for men, prolonging sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking. Delay condoms containing Benzocaine along the inner surface of the condom, that helps delay the climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting lovemaking.

As a condom manufacturers, we can supply you delay condoms, long lasting condom, prolong condoms.  Delay Condoms provide ultimate protection whilst achieving a skin on skin like real feel.  The condoms we can choose the plain, dotted and ribbed for increased stimulation. If you would like custom your own label delay condoms, please contact for exact specification and quotations:

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp/Wechat: 008619153791305

Contact: Linda


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