Personal Lubricant

Sterile Lubricating Jelly or Gel in 5g Sachet

Sterile lubricating jelly is used in endoscopy, colonoscopy and rectoscopy. Sterile lubricating jelly is hypoallergenic, does not irritate skin. It is water soluble. It spreads easily and adheres well to rubber material and synthetic surfaces,will not harm surgical instruments, rubbers, or plastic, and is safe to use on human tissues.

  • Water-Soluble, transparent.
  • Non-irritating, Non-staining, Non-greasy.
  • Gamma sterilized to meet AAM/ANS/ISO11137 standard.

Similar name: lubrication gel, lube jelly, lubricating gel.

sterile lubricating jelly

Sterile lubricating jelly belongs to Class IIa sterile medical device. It suitable for gynaecological procedures, Airway Insertions such as laryngeal mask and I gel, digital and instrument examinations, catheter insertion and general lubrication. Spreads easy and adheres well. Will not damage rubber, metal, natural or synthetic textiles, Safe for use on human tissue.

Sachets promote advanced infection prevention procedures; the sterile single use sachets prevent the risk of patient to patient contamination
Sachet contains an easy to tear indent.

Benefits of the sterile lubricating jelly

-Reduces pain: Sterile Lubricant helps in the dilation of the body’s orifices thus it reduces friction upon the insertion of medical instruments. This reduces the risk of pain and trauma which could cause a rash or an infection.

-Body-safe ingredients: Making with safe, non-irritating ingredients making it ideal for people with sensitive skin.  Please don’t use as a contraceptive and It does not protect against STIs.

-Easy to use: A non-staining, oil-free and water-based formula that’s viscous for easy application. Clean up is just as convenient because it can be wiped off with a damp cloth or rinsed away with water.

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