Buttercup condom, Custom Condom, Ultra thin condom

comfortable fit custom printed thin condom pods

custom printed thin condom

Custom printed thin condom can be a great way to promote safe and enjoyable intimacy while also showcasing a brand or message. These condoms are typically made of high-quality, ultra-thin latex or non-latex material to provide a heightened level of sensitivity and pleasure for both partners.

Thin condoms are comfortable fit while wearing. It is extra lubricated and people can experience the super smooth feelings. Packed with the pods, which also named buttercup condom. It is easy to open and reservoir tip up always. You can know which side up and can open at one hand.

To order custom printed thin condoms, as a professional custom condom factory, we can offer customization services. They will typically have a range of options for printing, including various colors, designs. When placing an order, you need to provide the artwork or design you want to be printed. Our sales team will help you calculating the cost. Welcome contact us if you have any questions.

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