New Condom

History of Condoms Timeline & Meme

Some consumer once ask us the acient condom, In History of condoms timline, Before the documentation, people also has the demand for the birth control, they once use the lambskin or fish bladder as the tool. The first documented use of a condom in Europe was in 1564 by the anatomist Fallopia. Natural Latex Rubber Condoms is a kind of barrier contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases developed in the world in early 1930, which is more suitable for consumers to use in sex, and which bring into the mass production for worldwide consumers.

After the reform of manufacturing technology, liquid latex replaced the traditional rubber sheet, until today, this is still the basic raw material for condoms, latex’s elastic function make it more better and consumers feel more comfortable in use.

From 1996 year, Some condom companies continue make some innovation on the condoms, such as stick the rubber thorns on it to make it can stimulate female G spot more easily, so we call it spike condoms. Now there are total 30 different types of spikes on the list for consumer’s choice.

When time come to 2000s, some factories tried the new material of polyisoprene, which also can has same effects as latex, but the cost almost 10 times higher than latex condom, it can’t replace the latex’s dominant position, it’s only use for the guys who are latex allergic. From 2010, some Japan and China condm factory tried the polyurethane material, which becames successful and its super thin of 0.01 0.02 0.03mm, which really can offer consumer the skin feeling, it’s difficult for latex condom can reach this thickness, so the polyurethane condom has a certain consumers who are addicted to it.

If you has any new ideas of condom, welcome contact our engineering team, we are pleasure to try for you.It’s great honor if we can design a brand new product to the world.